Thursday, November 3, 2011

Nifty Thrifty

Anyone else feeling the pinch? I want to shop so hard, but need to squirrel away all of my pennies for the holidays, weddings, my own wedding, etc. The topic of economy and thrift might have entered my mind last night while watching Extreme Couponing. The endearing Food Lion customer took home $697 worth of groceries for $43.57 after double coupons. I was impressed, but really did she have to go with plastic?

Want some affordable fun? Here you go...

via Ebay

Paint + some gold leaf = hot little table.

via Ebay

I've never seen a tortoise shell, Chinoiserie, full length mirror. But, I like it.
via Ebay


Mid century modern furniture on Ebay is always a solid buy, look for pieces in your area so you don't incur major shipping fees (not budget friendly).

Have a great Thursday!

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