Thursday, November 17, 2011

Malachite, Mala LIKE.

Malachite's Concentric Swirls

This lovely copper carbonate mineral results from the weathering of copper ores. The stone's name malachite literally means King in Greek and Arabic because it was associated with royalty. Also used to tint paint green. Wikipedia can make anyone sound like a smartie.

Two side tables flanking an off white sofa... my vision.

The pages inside the front and back cover of Kelly Wearstler's Domicilum Decoratus is malachite. And it is a book worth reading.

Source: via Adair on Pinterest

A Bracelet. Or a Christmas present?

Source: via Adair on Pinterest

A wee bit morbid for some, I don't mind decorating with human bones, it's edgy.

Fabric, dining room chairs or a vanity seat.

Great wallpaper for a small powder room.

It's almost Friday. woo.

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