Monday, November 7, 2011

The Bookish Type

I think it must've been seeing my friend Anne's expertly executed bookshelf. Her library of books was arranged in different stacks by color. She placed accessories, art, and mementos neatly around the books. The books were either stacked on top of each other or standing like soldiers. She did a great job, bravo Anne. Now, of course, I'm obsessed with well done bookshelves and if the house can accommodate an entire room, you can call it a library.

Source: via Lisa on Pinterest

A beautiful book to display in your library/den/home. Taschen makes the world's best coffee table book, fact.

flagship in SOHO. Let's go.

An investment I'd like to make, cloth-bound books that add beautiful notes of color. Or if you're really into this, go leather.

comfort is key in the library.

nerdy, preppy pillows are a must.

Good lighting.

And, have a happy Monday.

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