Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Filling you in like a donut.

Went to Charlotte, 3 weeks ago and this is what I saw.

The Sleepy Poet: I'm currently sitting on an Art Deco Find. Here are some other items that got the twice-over by me.


Rattan/Bamboo chair with cup-holders. Palm Beach in the 1960s, I might amp up the fabric a little, but if Nautical French is your taste, this chair is Nice. (get it??)


hot little number.


tiki take on the captain's chair


great looking corner cabinet, I'll bet you $7989867.98 that it is GONE.

Sleepy Poet has an outstanding turnover rate which means, if you like it, get it. If you leave it, it's probably gone by the time you buckle your seatbelt to leave the parking lot.

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