Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Mid Century Modern

I had the pleasure of living in the playboy mansion while in college. Well, it was in Raleigh and no, Hef wasn't in charge, but it was close enough. Our rental house was deemed the playboy mansion because of it's mid-century modern flair. Recollecting at a friend's engagement party a few weeks ago, my friends and I sighed over the fun times we had while living there. This spread in Lonny Magazine threw me right back into the house with the terrazzo floors, white-wood grain, laminate countertops that - under the right conditions - doubled as a dance floor. Don't tell the landlord.

We had this open floor plan, too. The best floor plan for social gatherings and mingling at cocktail parties.

No fireplace at our rental...probably a good thing.

The open air feel was characteristic of this style of house, meandering floor plans and the beams provided support so the walls didn't have to go to the ceiling. Fantastic circulation, even from above.

Swanky bar closet built into this house. 1950s and 1960s architects and designers knew what was up. The importance of architectural details, nifty uses of space, jazzy floor to ceiling windows to let in plenty of light and courtyards...oh yeah, you know we had a courtyard.

Already trips down memory lane at 27, I feel sorry for those that have to listen to me in my 50s.

Spring has Sprung

and I'm so happy it has. Winter felt like a void.  It's warm outside, the sun doesn't go down until 7:30 and everything is blooming. My black and grey uniform might be put away for a good 8 months, can't wait.
My annual yearning for an entire new wardrobe has also begun, purging sweaters and boots, turtlenecks and layerssss. Preparing for these items...

full-on color!

who knew I'd be into neon?

agate + a scarf = a winner in my book.

Source: tibi.com via Adair on Pinterest

a little grey never killed anyone. I really like the color of the moment - tangerine - paired with it.

color-blocking...in all of my favorite flavors.

Although, the thought of this....

... makes me shiver.