Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Spring has Sprung

and I'm so happy it has. Winter felt like a void.  It's warm outside, the sun doesn't go down until 7:30 and everything is blooming. My black and grey uniform might be put away for a good 8 months, can't wait.
My annual yearning for an entire new wardrobe has also begun, purging sweaters and boots, turtlenecks and layerssss. Preparing for these items...

full-on color!

who knew I'd be into neon?

agate + a scarf = a winner in my book.

Source: tibi.com via Adair on Pinterest

a little grey never killed anyone. I really like the color of the moment - tangerine - paired with it.

color-blocking...in all of my favorite flavors.

Although, the thought of this....

... makes me shiver.

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