Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Tie one on

I recently purchased a silk scarf from Club Monaco, they call it a head scarf. Well, I have a funny shaped head so I am going to wear it like a little old granny - around my neck. But, my "head scarf" made me start thinking about other scarves... Hermes scarves.

These beautiful masterpieces artfully accessorize, but what if you wanted to display them like works of art ALL of the time?
For instance, you could frame them in a set of three ( a triptych ) or make them into an ultra-luxe pillow

Below are some favorites...



So, raid your mother's, your grandmother's,your uncle's ascots, local vintage stores, weekend flea markets, ebay, etsy, any scarves will do (not just Hermes, but they'd be nice.)


Source: luxist.com via Lynn on Pinterest

And, as a side note, Hermes Orange is a color you will be seeing a lot of this fall. I'm just saying.

Source: google.com via Adair on Pinterest

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