Thursday, August 11, 2011

a case of the stairs

For some odd reason, I have recurring dreams about staircases. Not the same staircase, but it usually ends up with me sitting on my bum and sliding down the stairs because they're too slick, too steep, too far apart to walk down. Weird, I know. Not a dream, I was at a construction site a few weeks ago and had to walk down a plank with little pieces of 2x4 nailed to it as steps from a deck to the ground, not fun for someone with a stair-phobia. However, some staircases can be really intriguing in a less nightmarish way, especially when you add leopard spots.

Source: via Adair on Pinterest

This is beautiful and has an early 20th century farmhouse feel, simple attic stairs with the library wheel at the bottom of the set.

Lots-o-color, but it looks great with all of the white washed and painted wood.


Such a great design, the underneath side of a staircase can be wasted space in a house due to height clearances, bookcases + staircases = thinking.

Source: via Keren on Pinterest

Gorgeous, organic concept for banister and rails. Reminds me of Antonio Gaudi (thankyoujackie).

Zebra neutral carpet, not to mention the floating console and urchin mirror.

These look like reclaimed stairs, which is a great way to re-use beautiful architectural details.

Mary McDonald. knows how to do it.

Very spinal.


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