Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Build it.

How easy do you think this would be to build (i.e. have someone build for you)?

Great Lamp, $1285 on sale for $1092.55

Source: dwr.com via Adair on Pinterest

Or, Ikea's knockoff at $89

Source: ikea.com via Adair on Pinterest

Ikea also has a knock-off Saarinen table.

Source: ikea.com via Adair on Pinterest

Can you tell the difference?

I'll show you the difference... math.
One is $1807 and one is $179.
My conscience is yelling at me right now. Ghanel and Cucci knockoffs are bad, they support terrorism in far off countries and make small children's fingers fall off. However, these knockoffs are from Sweden and are for those that cannot afford 60 watts of light in exchange for a paycheck.

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