Thursday, August 30, 2012

How To Redux: Ikea

I have yet to accomplish great things like the proud few have in these pictures, I aim to do this before 2012 is up because I want new MATCHING bedside tables. The Ikea Rast "dresser" is $34.99, I say dresser in "air quotes" because it's actually called a chest on Ikea's website and measures Width: 24 3/8 ", Depth: 11 3/4", Height: 27 1/2 ".

Here are some d.i.y. inspirational posters.

stencils, not sure if I trust myself to make 6 things look exactly alike. I'm not a good measurer.

Source: via Adair on Pinterest

so mod. The chest itself is made of solid pine. Solid should probably be in air quotes.

Dorothy Draper + Ikea

mmmm gold.

Source: via Adair on Pinterest

naked rast.

Source: via Adair on Pinterest

plus campaign hardware

equals this, see the how to here.

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don't forget to get your overlays here, they make them specifically for certain pieces of Ikea furniture, so NO measuring, yesss!

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  1. When you want to visit IKEA and/or attempt these DIY projects, I'm your Huckleberry. I'm in desperate need of a bedroom revamp.