Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Breathing in fumes

When my golden rhino arrived from White Faux Taxidermy, I was for lack of a better word... stoked. I wouldn't call it an impulse purchase, there are no regrets. On a necessity basis, I didn't need a gold rhinoceros  What!? yes I did.

And, this little fellow caused me to rummage through my "tool box" (also known as MB's shed) and find a can of gold spray paint I've been meaning to use. So, use it I did.

Lovely photography skills. This is 100% true life grit. UPS box, emptied of one rehearsal dinner cocktail dress, amidst gifts from this past weekend's bridal shower. I did NOT spray paint inside, I waited for them to (semi) dry before moving them. I have zip-zilch-nada patience.

Talk about instant gratification. MB goes to his bachelor party this weekend, wonder what else I can glamify while he's away!?

Happy Wednesday. 


  1. Find White Faux Taxidermy's store on etsy!!!

  2. Girlfriend. If gold paint is involved, I am all about the breathing in of fumes. I am demented.

  3. Ha, I love it! I think I whip out the gold spray paint every time at least once a week. I have an addiction. And the fumes don't help because I absolutely never wait for it to fully dry before bringing it back inside. Patience is major lacking on my end.