Sunday, August 12, 2012

Back to School

Mid-August brings back the giant, yellow school buses that come roaring through neighborhoods and without fail makes me want to buy brand new school supplies, every year, like clockwork. This time of year is synonymous with sharp #2s and college-lined notebook paper. I love a brand new pen and an agenda book more than I love dessert ( major embellishment, that's not even possible ).

colorblocking backpacking

Source: via Adair on Pinterest

iomoi pens, which I probably won't attempt to say outloud until I know how to pronounce iomoi.

holds your homework, or if you're not in middle school, could hold your beach belongings, overnight necessities or creditcardsiphonecashkeys and cool leopard agenda.

Source: via Adair on Pinterest

iomoi pencils. weee-meee? waaah-muah?

reverse carrot, but I do like the combination of mint green and rusty orange.

you'd be fashionably late with this agenda, even if you were on time.

another BAGn'NOUN knapsack.

on a much more sophisticated level than Cher's feather pen from debate class.


  1. I LURVE school supplies. A brand new 12-pack of Mr. Sketch scented markers was an annual August must-have. That pink/red Madewell backpack has my 8th grade name written all over it. I miss grade school!

  2. Love your back-to-school finds! I'd like writing more with the metallic pens :)