Saturday, February 9, 2013

Eva Stephen on Spring Decor Trends

Popular home decor bloggers and successful home decorators agree that some of the main catchwords for home decor trends in 2013 are: warmth, comfort, brightness, vintage, nature.

Mixing the traditional and modern:
Vintage has been popular for quite some time now, but it seems it will become an even bigger trend in the upcoming season. Modern with a vintage look – that’s the style to go for. It seems the traditional and modern have reconciled and are teaming up to perform quite a treat to the eye.

Also, experienced stylists are announcing an increased interest in the Oriental and African art, so expect to see more exotic sculptures, paintings, animal print designs and unusual new items in newly bought homes.

Comfort on a new level:
Our fast-paced lives have made us appreciate our free time and our comfy beds and sofas more than ever. It has become very important to decorate one’s bedroom with much care and thought behind the action.

It makes a huge difference what kind of mattress you choose for your bed, what colours you paint your bedroom walls and how you’ll position the bed, nightstand and closet. All these factors will greatly contribute to how you wake up each morning and how much energy you’ll have to succeed in your daily goals.

Warmth in shape, colour and intention:
Whether it’s the growing distance between people or the hard economic times in the past couple of years, home owners are looking to adorn their homes with warmth. Emerald being voted the colour of the year, many people will paint their rooms different shades of green and choose earthy, quiet tones for furniture.

Though warmth is big in 2013, spring will bring us another new wave of experimenting with vibrant colours. Technology is advancing at an incredible speed and we now know what Photoshoped images are like. Why not have that experience in your living room? A great tip for decorating your living room is to choose all neutral colours except one which will be a "shocker". Choose a pink or green or bright yellow/orange piece of furniture to dominate the room.

Bring nature in:
You’ll be right on track with home decoration trends if you go green and synch with the growing eco movements. Nature inspired rooms with large windows to bring the outside in, or lots of plants, beautiful pots and vases come highly recommended.

Those who live in studios or small apartments can “cheat“ with floral wall patterns or animal print bedding, curtains, rugs, etc.

Have a useful project:
Going green is a valuable, positive thing to do. Similarly, many families now practice having useful projects whenever they can find some free time. The projects consist of repurposing furniture, recycling old items, reusing old clothes and other items lying around the house. These projects help family members bond and they become a very useful, “greater good“ activity.

Repurposing, recycling and reusing furniture and clothes is also very useful for budget control.

One very good project idea is drawing and writing on walls. This activity is good on a few levels. It saves you money on expensive paintings/wall decoration, it helps you bond with your partner and it gives your children an opportunity to express themselves creatively.

With these hot new tips on spring decor trends in 2013 you can start redecorating right away!

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