Sunday, February 10, 2013

cabin fever

It's not even that cold here. No blizzard, we dodged Nemo. However, someone in this house was bored and needed a project, and it wasn't me.

I walk out of my room after lounging and reading this week's Indy, to find this... the entire dining room has been pushed to the middle because someone wanted to paint. We've been discussing colors, but I have been avoiding it pretty hard. This is one of the two biggest rooms in our house, one of three left to paint. He chose this one. Alright, you asked for it. Decision time. 

This is what happens when you mess with my dining room. I go nuts, crazy with color. I chose Sherwin Williams - Sequin. It's a little yellow, a little green and might have been a split second decision. We'll see how it turns out. 

yyyyyeeeeoooow. Looks like earwax. Did I make a mistake??

This was my reasoning, the living room will be Library Pewter, into the dining room which will be earwax, into the guest room which will be a dark jade color, that's still iffy. So, off he went to Sherwin Williams to buy some paint. What do I do? I google my selected paint color and see a bunch of terrrrrible rooms all painted ear wax yellow. Oh no, freaked out, called him, gallon had been purchased. We'll just have to see how it looks I guess. I did get a quart of Chinese Red which I'm pretty happy about, I swung by Ikea on the way home from an install Friday and picked up a Billy bookcase. My first real Ikea "hack," not sure what I'm hacking, but I've talked about it enough to try it out. O'verlays have been ordered! 

Back to the dining room. Test patch painted. Starting to freak out a little bit more. 

The night's darkness, chandelier on full blast. I was scared. 

One wall is complete. I'm not panicking...or at least having an attack of panic, I'm trying to adjust and tell myself it'll dry darker. It'll be the mustard, weird green-yellow that I wanted it to be. Eeek. We finished painting, I got a headache from the fumes, we took the dogs for a looong walk in Umstead and I hoped I'd come home and my dining room would be this cool navy high gloss. 

We get home and it's still yellow, but it did dry darker, like I (positive me, not pessimistic me) knew it would. So, I touched up the spots I missed and removed the painter's tape. Dimmed the lights and moved the furniture back into place. 

Again with the ultra-hi tech camera (also known as iphone/instagram), but I must say I like my citron dining room. It's different and it fits with our stuff. Maybe I'm delusional from paint fumes, but I like it. 
Weekend project successful and complete! Hope y'all had a good one too!

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