Tuesday, December 4, 2012

You are finally allowed to see my whole dining room. Here's what WE have done since the wedding.

1. ) MB sanded the table. Thank you MB. It'll get stained dark, haven't picked it yet.

2. ) We bought a set of 6 chairs at Seaboard Studio 123. Awesome.

3. ) We bought an antique Chinoiserie chandelier from Hunt & Gather. It has yet to be painted, I'm waiting until we paint the room. Unsure of the color.

4. ) Decluttering took place and it's now taking place in the red armoir. Sneaky.

I've decorated for Christmas on a budget. See boxwood wreath on mirror and bowl of bulbs from fried Christmas lights. That's all I've done so far in preparation for Christmas! More pictures to come as I get crafty with "found objects".  

The before: 


  1. Gorgeous and very cozy. I love the wingbacks .

  2. Looks great and so warm and cozy! Can't wait to enjoy it in person!