Tuesday, October 2, 2012

revamping a sorority house

Years and years and years ago, I was in a sorority. Years and years later, they asked me to revamp the same sorority house that I lived in when I was in college. I'm not that old, I haven't received any social security checks yet, but it was almost a decade ago. So, to say it was a little dated might be a slight understatement.

After paint and trim work.

After grasscloth.


Dining Room.

Sorry, blurry. (*this was pre-paint, pre-trim, pre-carpet)

Lookin sharp.

And I put a little skirt on the sink. The revampage is complete. New post coming up tomorrow, but after that I'll be wedding-ing through the weekend and then off to the 'moon. When I return it's back to normal, aaaahhhh.


  1. That place looks 100x's better than when I was there. Amazing job!

  2. Adair, you seriously did such a great job!