Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Collecting my thoughts

My ADD is set to hyper-mode, I've burnt three bagels this morning trying to make breakfast. Ever feel like you're going in 9 million directions, I literally am going in that many at this moment. The need to organize and straighten comes over me when I feel like my life is too hectic. My house is currently in a state of disarray, so I will show you what I wish it looked like.
Source: via Karen on Pinterest

trays harness junk, it's their job. I use trays in the kitchen to bring together needs - olive oil, vinegar, s&p, sugar a few herbs, maybe a jar filled with most often used utensils.

this is not my tray, I wish it was, I'd probably smell dreamy all the time. But I do have a jewelry/perfume/receipts/spare buttons tray on my dresser. For some reason throwing everything onto a single, liftable surface is more organized than not. A place for everything and everything in its place?

My kitchen tray. Utensils, flowers, salt and pepper, seashells, a tiny blue boat, you know the necessities.

Source: via Adair on Pinterest

I've got 14 to-do lists going at the moment. What do I do? I go out and buy a jar of Mod Podge and try to make a tray. Priorities.

I had a wallpaper sample from Schumacher, so I slapped it on a tray. Next time, I'll read the instructions on how to decopage? I think that's what I was doing.

The white globs are the un-dry Mod Podge. First try, C - for not painting the underside of the wallpaper sample. 

So, you guessed it, I'm back from the 'moon! Here's to house renos, to-do lists and more posts! Cheers!

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