Wednesday, June 20, 2012


In other words, the loo, the john, the potty. But, the room that surrounds this fixture can be a truly beautiful little space. I have aspirations to rip out some tile, replace the plumbing fixtures, move a wall or two and make my bathroom into a palace. A porcelain palace, ha!

grasscloth on the walls give texture + color, I like wallpaper in the bathroom because your "furniture" in there is rather plain.

I pinned this on Pinterest and then drooled for 5 minutes afterward. Sometimes you never think about a simple detail like window pane molding for a glass shower door/enclosure. It's pretty much brilliant.

A powder room, yes. A room to bathe, dress, apply the Spackle that I call makeup. NO.

2-sided shower curtain, painted cabinets, nice clean tile. Well done.

the. tile. along with the ceiling treatment, lights, etc. etc.

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