Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Setting the Table

I don't believe I have ever set a formal table with 19 forks, 7 knives, a tiny fork and minute spoon. One day, maybe. At 27, I haven't prepared for a state dinner. Preparing for my adult table, I don't want a bunch of fuss. My style is much more eclectic. But, how do you make an eclectic table setting without it looking like you raided Replacements Ltd. on I-85.

My solution to table setting eclecticism: Either your charger or your dinner plate should be plain and simple. You can have plain ol' white or with a metallic rim or a colored band. Then for the contrast you can go wild, natural organic patterns - animal, reptile, wood grain. Geometric, this one you can make it an all over pattern or use your geometric rim as the plain plate. Rambling. Here are a few pictures of successful, eclectic settings.

A picture diagram of how to set a table with a fish course?!

Example of your plain dinner plate, wild animal charger and geometric dessert (? could be salad) plate. Gold is the element that ties the flatware and silver(gold here)ware together.

A solid color charger also adds a great layer to the table. The feathered placemat is the organic/wild animal accent. I like the mix of silver goblets with the gold.

Playing up the bird theme, the centerpiece - an important member of the table association - is feathers that go with the Woodland plate.

Source: amazon.com via Adair on Pinterest

A great table setting book: Flair by Joe Nye

A chinoiserie table setting set by Joe Nye.

Do you think a fancy table setting makes the food taste better? One would hope cheetah plates would take the attention off of my burnt dinner.

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