Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Look Down...

At your floors. Are they interesting? Or are they boring, a mix of hardwoods and carpet, in serious need of some attention and littered with dog hair? (mine are!)

One of my rugs has seen better days. A hand-me-down from my parents, with this next move it's getting donated. Side note: carpet is one of the worst things you can put into a landfill so if the rug can be used by you or someone / or something else please do it! End soapbox.
So, after the donation takes place my floor will be naked. Do I go neutral, color, solid, striped, Kilim, shag, woven or textured?

Giving more thought to the land beneath my feet...

Source: via Adair on Pinterest

Overstock find, if I had all these colors in one room and needed an anchor this rug would be it.

Kilim rugs: my definition, a flat Oriental

Source: via Adair on Pinterest

Ikea has these cowhide rugs for around $250. Great to layer on top of an area rug or can be your "neutral"

Source: via Adair on Pinterest

Mary McDonald uses the zebra rug as a neutral in this slightly pink room

A mix of monochromatic and dramatic.
Going shopping!

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