Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Hollywood Regency is

Federal Style + 1950s Glamorous Suburban Living x Dorothy Draper = Hollywood Regency
Federal architecture is one most are familiar with, maybe not "Oh, look that's a perfect example of Federal Archictecture" more like, "I love the Smith's house." Federal architecture also spawned Federal furniture, the convex mirror for instance.

Holladay House. Orange, Virginia

Dorothy Draper professionalized the interior design industry. Born in 1889, her style is still copied to this day.

This is not a term paper.
But, Hollywood Regency is very popular and fits in easily with many current styles. If you're more modern/contemporary or traditional; It's a way to inject color and create interest with furniture.

Ms. Dorothy Draper, perched.

The Greenbrier Hotel

The Greenbrier Hotel, again. 

Hollywood Regency Living room ( *convex mirror!)

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