Monday, April 30, 2012

Paper Your Walls

Wallpaper is not bad. Wallpaper can be very good. Many people fear wallpaper, probably commitment issues. Alas, the greatest invention since fingernail polish - temporary wallpaper.


nice neutral.

Dramatic art deco. This would be very cool in a small room-- bath, bar, guest room, or closet... if you're that awesome.

Another sneaky use for wallpaper is only doing a small portion of the wall. You could do an accent wall in paper and then paint the rest a color that is seen in the wallpaper. Or, if you have wainscotting - say in a dining room - you could paper the upper portion of wall and leave the panel/beneath the chair rail painted trim color.

Source: via Adair on Pinterest

Add dimension with grasscloth. Wonderful because of its texture. It's a solid without being boring, lots of slubs and color variation, but really beautiful when hung. 

Grasscloth, in a bathroom.

Source: via Natali on Pinterest

Wallpaper as an accent wall -

Source: via Celeste on Pinterest

Source: via Jennifer on Pinterest

Wallpaper within paneling. This is easily accomplished if you have a hammer, a right angle, some nails, glue, a margarita or two and a carpenter.

Wallpaper can be as edgy or as simple as you like...

Pretty funky.

Just pretty.

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