Sunday, October 9, 2011

My hands are covered in primer, that's as far as I got. This weekend I promised myself to follow through with a how-to. I got about 27% of the way, I have two chairs and a side table primed and ready for paint and the chairs' fabric has been picked out. Now all I need is a staple gun and someone who can finish painting. I really enjoyed how-to week and was inspired to use some tools this weekend, felt great. Hope you all had a wonderful weekend as well. To bring how-to week to a close I have brought to you a few great $ money $ saving how-tos, the best kind...

I've actually completed this one!  It's simple and takes very little time. All it takes is a trip to a home improvement store for the plywood, a craft store for the batting and a fabric store for the fabric.

Mercury glass lamps with a natural shade, fancy + casual, fansual.

How-to-paint a natural fiber rug, and you don't have to stick to stripes, make a stencil and create your own pattern.

I would make this and then spray paint it gold. Fansual.

You are not limited to burlap. Choose any fabric + the nailhead trim.

Honestly, this is waaaay out of my league. I do not own a needle and thread, let alone a whole sewing machine. If you're courageous, this how-to is a step-by-step with pictures and it sounds very simple, let me know how it goes.

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